Monday, February 9, 2009

Earthly Father vs. Heavenly Father

I know I just posted a blog last night but I wanted to talk about something I've talked to my friends about, its my relationship with my dad and how it relates to my relationship to the God the Father. Last week I spent some time at my parents house up in Roseau, it was what I guess I really needed to reassure myself.

What I mean by that is I'm a "words or affirmation" sort of guy so if I am not hearing words of encouragement from people that I hold so dear then my mind begins to question how people really feel. I know that I've talked about my relationship with my dad before and how he told me that he loved me and how that meant so much to me, well it was nice spending time with him for a couple of days. I talk to my dad a couple of times a week and or family is very open but sometimes it seems like we don't talk about anything beyond the day to day things. But spending time with my dad showed me that we could talk about anything, its just that I have to bring it up first.

So when I'm with my dad we are just doing things together and we are just being and doing, we aren't exactly talking about things or sharing our emotions. Well, my relationship with my earthly father is similar to the relationship I share with my Heavenly Father, I'll explain. Like when I'm with my dad we can talk about anything I just have to bring it up, my dad isn't a mind reader, and then when I'm with my Heavenly Father, we can talk about anything, I just have to bring it up. So that is exactly the same there. Also, my dad loves me and he shows me that love by the things that he does. My dad is a "quality time" sort of guy, he is so busy doing everything but he makes time to do things with the people that he really cares about.

Knowing that, I need to be able to accept the way that he shows me love, not the way that I feel I should be loved. I have to understand that when dad takes time out of his busy life to do something with me, that is how he is showing me his love. God, on the other hand, is there waiting for me. He is omnipresent, he has all the time in the world for me, I just have to be able to accept that. If I can learn to feel loved through spending quality time, then I will be able to understand that God truely loves me and is willing to spend eternity with me!!

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